A Huston & Company bed becomes an immediate family heirloom. Our craftsmanship and attention to detail create a work of art that will be passed down for generations. All of our beds are available as (1) complete beds, (2) headboard with full wood frame minus the footboard, and (3) headboard-only, to attach to a metal frame.

More Signature Designs

When we design a new piece of furniture we consider function, proportion, aesthetics, and timelessness. We meld these elements to create furniture that has a defining presence, yet fits gracefully in your home. Furniture with timeless elegance and lifelong functionality.

I love waking up in my beautiful Huston bed. It captures the details I wanted and it is truly a pleasure to have fine objects a part of my everyday life.
Karen M.customer

What can we build for you?

Having a piece of custom furniture designed and built by Huston & Company is simple, straightforward and rewarding. It can be done in person in the showroom, by phone or by email.