Camden Side Chair - White Oak

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Though most of our furniture is made to order and thus requires a sufficient lead time, the following pieces are currently available for purchase in our showroom. Click through to each product to see which wood type we have in stock and please let us know if you'd like more information about what we currently have available in our showroom.

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When we design a new piece of furniture we consider function, proportion, aesthetics, and timelessness. We meld these elements to create furniture that has a defining presence, yet fits gracefully in your home. Furniture with timeless elegance and lifelong functionality.

My parents are loyal customers of yours and always sing your praise! I am just newly married and my husband and I are looking for a dining table. I am wondering if you would consider building a table similar to the one you built for my parents many years ago.
Rebecca ThomasCustomer

What can we build for you?

Having a piece of custom furniture designed and built by Huston & Company is simple, straightforward and rewarding. It can be done in person in the showroom, by phone or by email.