Harkness Table™

Huston & Company is pleased to partner with Phillips Exeter Academy, one of the country’s leading independent secondary schools, as the sole builder of the original Harkness Table™.

The Huston & Company Harkness Tables™ are built according to the original 90-year old copyrighted and patented design, developed by philanthropist Edward Harkness for Phillips Exeter Academy. The standard size of the traditional oval Harkness Table is 7’ wide and 11’ long, seating twelve students and one teacher, with longer versions available for more students. This oval form creates a collaborative style of learning, inspired by the Socratic method, known in many classrooms today as the Harkness Learning Method. In engaging with their classmates around a signature Harkness Table™, students are encouraged to listen to the ideas and thoughts of their peers and in turn, they develop the ability to articulate their own opinions.

In addition to building the Harkness Table™, Huston & Company also partners with Eustis Chair to provide the Harkness Chairs to accompany the tables.

Similar to the way in which we approach the design and construction of all the furniture we create for academic institutions, the process of building a Harkness Table™ is a collaborative one between Huston & Company and the school. Many of the Harkness Tables™ we create for independent schools across the country follow the original design passed down over the years. However, with Huston & Company’s custom capabilities, simple details – such as the table edge profile, the shape of the leg turnings, or the tone of the stain – can be modified to coordinate with an institution’s unique aesthetic environment.

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