BerryDunn Boardroom Project

Huston & Company recently had the good fortune of collaborating with the Portland-based accounting and consulting firm, BerryDunn, on a custom table and handmade doors for a boardroom inside their newly renovated company headquarters on outer Congress Street.

We worked closely with BerryDunn to design a table that would perfectly fit their needs and suit the space of their new boardroom that will accommodate meetings for larger groups and company executives. During our initial design talks, it became clear that the BerryDunn team was extremely passionate about the idea of building a unique table for their brand new headquarters. As custom furniture makers, we welcomed their enthusiasm and eagerly began working on crafting the perfect table for their new boardroom.

At 16 ft. by 11.5 ft, the rich walnut table fits the space comfortably and is conducive for seating at least 18 people. Metal accents were built into the tabletop in a barcode-inspired pattern, accommodating power units which can be used with devices and also hidden when not in use.

Huston & Company also built the two solid walnut doors leading in and out of the boardroom. BerryDunn wanted the doors to complement the aesthetic elements of the table, so we developed a design for the doors that incorporated the same walnut and metal used in the table.

A big thank you to our clients at BerryDunn – it is always fulfilling to see a project such as this come to life and be able to share more of its evolution through photos.

As always, please contact Huston & Company with any questions on outfitting your office or commercial space with our handcrafted custom furniture.