Our History

During his college years, Bill Huston spent two years studying furniture making in Blaker, Norway, in the 1970’s. From there, he moved to Maine and began work with a prominent furniture builder, honing skills, working on new designs and learning about the business of furniture making. His progression to Production Manager pulled him away from his favorite parts of the business: direct communication with customers and designing furniture.

And so, in 1988, Bill Huston founded Huston & Company. The company was formed in Poland Spring, Maine and in 1995, moved to a brand new facility in Kennebunkport. Huston & Company is still located there today. Huston & Company brought together a group of experienced, talented furniture makers to build high quality and well-designed custom furniture.

In 2005, Bill’s son, Saer Huston, joined Huston & Company as a furniture builder, bringing with him a passion for furniture design and craft, and a complimentary aesthetic. Bill and Saer now work together on furniture design and project management, while Saer also manages our workshop and the flow of projects.

Since 1988, Huston & Company has designed and built furniture for many varying projects and clients, including public libraries, colleges and universities, independent schools, corporations, small business and residential environments. Huston & Company furniture is built by hand, one piece at a time. Library, Corporate and Academic furniture is built to last for many decades, saving our clients both time and money over the long term and providing them with furniture that ages gracefully. Our residential furniture is guaranteed for the lifetime of the original owner.