Working with Huston & Company

Fundamental to the process of building furniture is the relationship Huston & Company creates with each customer. We look forward to meeting new customers, as much as re-connecting with those who have worked with us in the past.

“Dear Mr. Huston –
My parents are loyal customers of yours and always sing your praise! I am just newly married and my husband and I are looking for a dining table. I am wondering if you would consider building a table similar to the one you built for my parents many years ago.”
 –Rebecca Thomas/customer

The best way to begin the order process for standard or custom furniture with Huston & Company is to contact us directly via e-mail, telephone, a visit to our showroom, or through our custom form. We will help you through the simple order process so that when your furniture arrives it will be exactly as envisioned with no surprises.

Custom Furniture
Having a piece of custom furniture designed and built by Huston & Company is simple, straightforward and rewarding. It can be done in person in the showroom, by phone or by email. We’ll work together to:

  • Determine your functional needs (example: table to seat 4, with leaves to increase to 8)
  • Determine your aesthetic/design preferences
  • Sketch concepts to confirm design direction
  • Develop a scale drawing and price quote
  • Make changes as necessary
  • Finalize and approve the design

One copy of the signed drawing is given to the customer and one copy provided to the master craftsman in the workshop. In this way, it is insured that the final piece is exactly as ordered and we have provided you with fine furniture that carries the Huston name and is uniquely yours.

Get started on a custom design HERE or give us a call today: 1-888-869-6370.

Huston & Company so strongly believes in the integrity of our workmanship that our furniture is guaranteed against any defects in workmanship for the lifetime of the original owner. As further evidence of our pride, each piece is signed and dated by the individual craftsman.