West Virginia University Law Center Library

Morgantown, West Virginia, 2016

Cherry furniture with a custom stain and metal accents built for the Law Center at WVU. Designs created in collaboration with STRADA Architects, Pittsburgh, PA. Project included tables, end panels, single and clustered carrels and a podium.

My parents are loyal customers of yours and always sing your praise! I am just newly married and my husband and I are looking for a dining table. I am wondering if you would consider building a table similar to the one you built for my parents many years ago.
Rebecca ThomasCustomer

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At Huston & Company, we create custom furniture that is aesthetically and functionally ideal for each unique environment, be it a college or university, library or professional office. We know that appearances are important, functionality is indispensable and a sense of prestige comes from within an institution.

What can we build for you?

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