The Raging Collection

The Raging Sideboard and its accompanying Raging Conference Table that Huston & Company built in 2016, through a design partnership with furniture maker Aled Lewis, are two pieces that frequently come up in design meetings with our clients.

Named for the investment firm in New Jersey that commissioned the furniture, Raging Capital, the sideboard and conference table have even been referenced by Huston & Company clients as starting points for future custom designs for case pieces or dining tables. We think these are two incredibly versatile pieces of furniture and can see them fitting in nicely in commercial and residential settings alike.

Raging Conference Table

The talented team at Steilish did an incredible job with the design and restoration of the offices at Raging Capital Management, located in Rocky Hill, New Jersey. The photo below shows the scale of the conference table, made of two book-matched slabs of walnut.

For clients who prefer a much simpler, cleaner look, the Raging Sideboard can be made of only one wood type instead of two. The below example is a Raging Sideboard built of cherry, as an alternative to the walnut & white oak combination shown in the images above. Further customization is allowed by altering the number of drawers, whether the doors are sliding or hinged, etc.

Raging Sideboard, rendered in cherry.

For more details on the construction of these two pieces, we documented the process of building the original Raging Conference Table and Sideboard on our blog.

The following two tables were built by Huston & Company in the last year, both of which were influenced by the Raging Conference Table.

Photo on the left by Erin Little, design by Tyler Karu. Photo and design on the right by Cara Fineman of DAG Design.

Have the silhouettes or designs of our Raging Conference Table or Raging Sideboard inspired any custom furniture ideas of your own? Please reach out to us with any questions you might have about our custom furniture process.