North Fork Design Coffee Table

North Fork Design Co. Table Line

As a Maine based company, living near the rugged coast, each day we are inspired by the beauty of color, texture, and natural awe inspiring landscape of our home. This past fall we were thrilled to collaborate with the team at North Fork Design Co. and create three tables that make up our modern, coastal-inspired collaboration: North Fork Dining Table, Console Table, and Coffee Table

North Fork Design Co. is an interior design firm located in the coastal town of Marblehead, MA.  They are an all female interior design team that offers full service interior design.  They strive to design spaces that are beautiful and well-appointed whilst still maintaining their livable qualities.  They work on projects throughout the North East, including the greater Boston area, the North and South Shore and Cape Cod. This past year they set out on a big project on a quintessential Maine Island in Casco Bay.  “Our aim was to create a nautical, captains lodge style home without painted wood signs that literally said things like “beach” and “seashells.”  – from IG of North Fork Design Co. They intended to use the beach views, colors, and textures to inspire their design.  The North Fork Tables are now part of the homes on this local island.   



The design inspiration for the tables came from pairing an essence of North Fork Design Co’s overall designing aesthetics, their nautical logo, and the raw beauty in nature. 





Saer T. Huston used the elements of coastline, light, contours, and texture to create the North Fork Dining Table. The Console and coffee tables soon followed in creation.  North Fork Coffee, Console, and Dining Tables perfectly complement a variety of design aesthetics. Each table features through-tenons with inlaid brass wedges and a fluid leg structure and base, inspired by the North Fork Design Co. logo and brought to life in form by Saer T. Huston.

The North Fork Coffee Table won the “Jurors’ Best in Show” from The Center for Furniture Craftsmanship’s “Maine Wood 2022” show which is a biennial series that showcases the breadth, creativity, and excellence of wood craftsmanship in Maine. It features the work of 19 artists and artisans, selected by a distinguished independent jury from a pool of 59 entries. 


Thanks to Elyse from North Fork Design Co. we got an inside look into their island project off the Coast of Maine.  Both the coffee table and the table nestled in well to match their design-scape.

These types of collaborations keep our work interesting, integrative, and inspired. We look forward to future projects that keep us creating new ways of working together.  

*Image from North Fork Design IG post