Pappas Family Furniture

It is such an honor when the interior designers we work with choose to bring Huston & Company furniture into their own homes. After collaborating with Yarmouth-based designer, Samantha Pappas, for a few years now, we were so excited to work with her on new dining furniture for the home she shares with her husband and their two young children. We used the silhouettes of our York Dining Table and our Shovel Chair as starting points for her furniture, altering the taper of the legs on both designs and changing the profile of the seat. Per Samantha’s vision, a custom multi-layer green stain was added to the legs of the table and the chairs. Both designs also feature through tenons with brass wedges.

“I know everyone says the kitchen is the heart of the home but in our case, this table has become the heart of our home. We make it a point to eat dinner as a family almost every night – put away the phones, set the table and sit down and talk about our days. Our daughter, Sophia, instantly claimed her spot when this table got delivered – right in the middle on the same side that her daddy sits (she then proceeded to assign the rest of our spots!). Many nights this also becomes our game table – my husband, Ryan, and I love playing cards together! 

I truly couldn’t be happier with the finished product of our set from Huston & Company. The entire process of designing this with Saer was so much fun. I knew I wanted an element of fun with the addition of color but also wanted a set that would last and adapt to any style we may transition to in the future or in future homes. My favorite element of the table is something that no one even knows is there or sees. When the table was about to go to finishing, Saer and Bill allowed me to bring my kids, Sophia and Teddy to the shop to put their names on the bottom of the table. This is a memory that I will cherish for years to come.”

– Samantha Pappas

A few images from the finishing shop while the chairs were being completed. Visitors to the workshop were fascinated to see how the green stained turned out after our finisher, Jason, completed the multi-layer stain on the legs.