Summer Workshop Snapshots

What a whirlwind of a summer it has been thus far! The workshop is bustling and we’re so fortunate to be juggling several residential, hospitality, and academic projects all at once. We’re grateful for the opportunities we’ve had this year in partnering with many talented interior designers and architects and look forward to sharing some finished project photos in the coming months. For now, we thought we’d dive into some of our recent work to come through the shop – all at various stages.

A custom table for a client of Leandra Fremont Smith’s – we are so pleased with how this updated take on our Newton Table turned out.

A Shovel Chair and a custom desk for another Leandra Fremont Smith project.

A side-by-side comparison of two York Tables – an updated take and our standard silhouette. Scroll down for the finished comparison.

A York Table and a set of Shovel Chairs in Cherry for realtor Jason Bisson’s new South Portland office, Cottage & Co. Real Estate.

By happenstance these two similar, yet incredibly different, sets came through the workshop at the same time, which provided a wonderful comparison for clients visiting the showroom. For this set, we updated the silhouettes of the York Table and the Shovel Chair for interior designer, Samantha Pappas. We also collaborated with Samantha on her vision of the multi-layered custom stain on the furniture’s legs.

Another fun comparison some workshop visitors had the chance to see in person was the base layer of the custom green stain (below) for Samantha’s chairs. We were all so pleased with how the green undertones turned out in the final product, thanks to the expertise of our finisher, Jason (above).

An in-progress shot of a custom table for a client of Kerri Pilchik’s.

A custom desk for a residential client – this is one of the bigger desks we’ve built.

An Arris Sofa in the works.

A glimpse of a new dining table we’ve designed in partnership with Erin Gates for her new home in Wellesley – we cannot wait to share more photos of this piece and Erin’s beautiful new dining room!

Thank you for keeping up with what is coming out of our Kennebunkport furniture workshop. If your summer travels take you through southern Maine, we’d love to share the shop and our showroom with you.