COVID-19 Furniture Modifications

As schools and institutions continue to adapt to the demands of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we have found that Huston & Company’s unique custom furniture capabilities allow us to aid institutions in meeting the challenges and constraints with which they are now faced in order to keep students and patrons as safe as possible.

Pieces like our Chesapeake Carrel, with its 18″H privacy panel (which can be made of solid wood or glass) is a perfect example of a functional piece that institutions have turned to in an effort to keep a safe, healthy, and engaged learning environment for all.

Chesapeake Group Carrel
Chesapeake Group Carrel with Solid Wood Divider
Chesapeake Group Carrel - Glass Divider
Chesapeake Group Carrel with Glass Divider
Single Chesapeake Carrel with Light
Single Chesapeake Carrel with Light

In addition to modifying our own designs, Huston & Company is also equipped to make panel dividers for an institution’s existing carrels or furniture that will match the design, wood, and stain of their furniture.

As always, our custom academic and library furniture is designed for an institution’s specific needs, allowing for more efficiency and creating greater productivity. With custom furniture the client gets precisely what they need and what they want, not a catalog piece that is, in some way, a compromise.

Contact Huston & Company today to find out more about how our custom furniture capabilities allow schools and institutions the ability to better adapt their environments to meet the challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.