Summer 2020 Workshop Update

With the first official day of fall fast approaching, we didn’t want to miss the opportunity to shine a light on some of our favorite pieces to come out of the workshop this summer. Some of them might be recognizable from our Spring Workshop Update post, though a bit further along in the woodworking process.

We built this custom designed armoire and sideboard for Massachusetts-based clients of the interior designers at Huffard House and were so pleased with how both pieces came together. The wood in each piece is white oak with a custom stain on the body of the pieces and a dark, contrasting stain on the top and base of each one. We worked closely with the team at Huffard House and the clients to develop the perfect stains.

For the same clients, we finished the top of a custom entryway table, seen unfinished in our blog post from the spring. The sunburst pattern walnut wood grain in this piece certainly steals the show.

A set of custom sleek waterfall occasional tables (seen unfinished in our spring post here) was delivered to its local home.

Though a departure from our typical designs for end tables or nightstands, we’ve all fallen for this adorable pairing, waiting to go through the finishing shop.

Another custom table for clients of Huffard House, this time a large farmhouse-style dining table in natural white oak.

With more people currently investing in outfitting their home offices, we’re seeing an increase in desk orders. Seen on the left is an in-process Gates Desk, paired on the right with a detail shot of a walnut dining table.

Our York Table, above and below, in red oak with a contrasting wenge inlay.

We’re delivering a set of Colby Stools soon and the walnut-blue leather pairing has become a workshop favorite!

A custom table for Rachel Dunham Design that we are excited to be building for clients who saw this version while visiting our workshop this summer. This happens often when visitors tour the workshop and they happen to see a piece that catches their eye. We will then work with this client, taking the design details that they like from the original piece and integrating them into a new design that fits their functional needs. In this case, the new client’s table will have similar base details, but the top will be an elliptical shape to fit perfectly within their dining room space.

A view of our finishing shop with a few Gates-inspired pieces, a Duo Table, and a set of Colby Stools.

For those of you interested in more glimpses of our Kennebunkport workshop, click here to read through our Workshop archives. As always, the very best way to keep up with what is currently coming out of the workshop is to follow us on Instagram.