Designer Q&A: Samantha Pappas

We were so happy to have the opportunity to meet Yarmouth-based interior designer, Samantha S. Pappas, at one of her projects in Portland earlier this summer. Having collaborated with Samantha before and absolutely loving the dining area she created that features the Huston & Company Gates Table, we thought she would make a wonderful addition to our Designer Q&A series.

Read on for more about Samantha, her design & civil engineering background, and her goal to create joyful, yet simple spaces for her lucky design clients.

Tell us a bit about yourself.
 I was born in Jacksonville, Florida, and as any true Floridian, loved the beach and basking in the sun by a pool. After graduating high school I attended Florida State University, where I earned my undergraduate and master’s degree in civil engineering. I have always had a passion for art and design. This is what led me to leave the engineering field and purse a career at lifestyle brand, Coton Colors, as their  product line manager. In 2015 my husband and I had the opportunity to move to Portland, Maine. After spending much time searching for the perfect house we decided to build a new home. It was during this process I was able to use my artistic imagination and create our dream space. I quickly fell in love with decorating and interior design. I immediately knew this was where my heart was and began designing small projects for family and friends. In 2018 I decided to take the leap and start my own own business, Samantha S. Pappas.

How would you describe your style? What is your design philosophy? 
It’s important to me to bring joy and happiness to each and every project. I like to add pops of color and playful patterns while still keeping the space simple and minimalistic. I want my clients to feel the space is unique but comfortable. It needs to be individualized and custom but still a place where they can relax without being overwhelmed. Most importantly, I want to make every clients house a home.

Describe your experience working with Huston & Company. 
Having done a couple projects with Hutson & Company, I have thoroughly enjoyed the process. They are not only very responsive and easy to work with, but great with providing additional ideas of pieces to use in my design. I really look forward to doing more projects with them in the future.

When do you advise your clients to consider custom pieces for their home? 
A custom piece of furniture can add a layer of depth to a room which something commercially made can not. When a client has a space which is particularly difficult to decorate I suggest getting something made specific for that area. I also recommend something custom when a they need furniture to have a multifunctional purpose. This way it can be exactly what they need and fit the space perfectly.

What are some of your favorite sources for unique, quality items for the home? 
I absolutely love Etsy! From furniture makers to light fixtures, upholstery, hardware and even pillow covers, I have worked with extremely talented artisans from all over the US through Etsy. It’s a great place to find handmade, unique and custom pieces for your space. I worked with Calluna and Co. out of Sherman Oaks, California on a recent project for a client. I had such a fun time collaborating with them to create custom leather ottomans which worked beautifully in my design. 
I have also had a lot of fun working with Abnormal Anonymous who create quirky fun wallpaper. They will even work with you on a custom design as well.

What is one design project you keep coming back to for inspiration?
I always come back to 21 Broad in Nantucket, a Lark Hotel, for inspiration. It had such a captivating and exciting vibe without being overdone. Each room was cohesive with the others while still maintaining it’s own individual style. 21 Broad also incorporated natural elements throughout the hotel which is in keeping with the area and the New England feel. In a lot of my designs I strive to bring the outdoors in with natural textures and elements to mirror the beautiful Maine landscapes.

A big thanks to Samantha for a glimpse into your work, thoughts on design, and inspiration! Be sure to keep up with Samantha’s latest work by following her on Instagram.

If you are an interior designer and would like more information about working with Huston & Company for your clients’ furniture needs, please inquire to be a part of our trade program for designers.

Photos and content by Willard Creative for Huston & Company.