Custom Library Furniture for UNE

While we were on-site for the dedication ceremony for the custom display case we created for the University of New England’s pharmacy department earlier this fall, we decided to pop on over to the campus library to check in on some of the furniture we have built them over the years.

This custom podium has been a longtime favorite around the shop and the cherry of the wood has become richer over the years. As always, it is a special opportunity for us to be able to see our pieces in use. It being the middle of a school day, most of the carrels we’ve built for UNE over the years were in use, but we managed to find a few without any students, so as to not disrupt their studies.

Though we’ve added to the collection of handcrafted library furniture at UNE over the last ten years, this custom circulation desk is a newer piece that we finished building and installed earlier this year.

We have been so fortunate to maintain the wonderful working relationship we’ve had with this local academic institution and have thoroughly enjoyed every collaboration in which we’ve been involved. Cally Gurley, one of our contacts at UNE, had this to say about working with Huston & Company for the university’s furniture:

“Over the last 10 years, I have worked closely with Huston & Company as they’ve designed and built an array of beautiful custom pieces for both of our campus libraries, including display cases, library work tables, custom cabinetry, circulation desks, and study desks. It seems that, no matter what we need, Huston builds it perfectly for its intended purpose and delivers it on schedule with no cost overruns. Ultimately, the design process results in pieces of elegant style and beauty which reflect really well on the university.

When we compare what is available in library furniture catalogs to that of Huston’s, Huston always wins!”

– Cally Gurley, Special Collections Librarian at the University of New England

For more information about our custom Academic & Library furniture, please view our past projects and reach out to us with any questions you might have about starting your own project.