New Rubber Workshop Floors

We’ve made a couple of big updates to our Kennebunkport workshop this summer, one of which was upgrading the floors in the entire space with a dense, protective rubber flooring. The rubber is 3/8″ thick and is the type of flooring you might see in a training gym.

Not only is the rubber flooring much easier on our feet and joints, it has also reduced the level of noise throughout the shop. All in all, we couldn’t be happier with the investment.

We took advantage of needing to clear out the entire space for the installation of the floors and gave the workshop a deep, thorough clean. Doing so also allowed for a nice walk down memory lane – we found this signature from the youngest Huston brother, Collin, from the 2002 addition of the lumber room.

With the new floors and a tidy space, the shop has never looked better. Stay tuned for photos from our other big update – Huston & Company’s new onsite finishing shop – later this fall!