Wormy Chestnut Case Piece

Despite our workload in the shop being a bit heavier than usual last fall, we took on a custom project that we might not have otherwise been able to accommodate at the time, had the story not captivated us all. A local customer presented us with the opportunity to design and construct a case piece using a supply of wormy chestnut wood that was milled from her great-grandfather’s mill in West Virginia.

Bill threw himself into the project, relishing the chance to work with such a rare species of wood, rich with personal history. Given that the American Chestnut species of wood was killed off by the chestnut blight of the early 1900s, we made sure to document the process in the workshop as best we could. When it was finished, we took the chest to the historic barn at nearby Laudholm Farm for more photos. It photographed beautifully against the rustic wood of the barn.

Though we know that many Huston & Company pieces are passed down as family heirlooms, we can rest assured that this particular chest, with its truly one of a kind provenance and history, will be loved and cared for by generations to come.

A photo of our client’s great-grandfather at his mill in West Virginia, where the chestnut was milled. The girl standing in the photo is our client’s grandmother.

The chest really began taking shape in the workshop late last fall.

A final shot before the chest went through our finishing shop earlier this winter.

The barn at Laudholm Farm at Wells Reserve served as the perfect, rustic backdrop for this handcrafted case piece full of character and depth.

For more of Huston & Company’s custom work, have a look at our Custom Furniture Gallery and let us know what heirloom piece we might be able to create for your family.

Photos and content by Willard Creative for Huston & Company.