Designer Q&A: Meghan Shadrick

We are thrilled to have the immensely talented Boston-based interior designer, Meghan Shadrick, featured in our next Designer Q&A.

Huston & Company has been lucky enough to work with Meghan and her team on a number of design projects, including the custom Saarinen-inspired table featured here. This tulip-style table, with its oval shaped walnut top and a metal base from Julian Chichester, anchor a cheerful breakfast nook at a family’s home in Wellesley. We love how Meghan paired our sleek, minimal table, with a banquette covered in a playfully modern Josef Frank print – Citrus Garden for Schumacher.

Scroll down to read more about Meghan, her experience working with Huston & Company, her inspiration, and more.

How would you describe your style? What is your design philosophy? 
I would describe my style as clean traditional. I really love simple, more masculine lines in furniture paired with some feminine or whimsical touches. To me, I believe getting the design right is all about balance. When you look at a room you should get an equal sense of visual calm, all the while your eye is excited to see what is next. It may be texture, patterns, or a juxtaposition in the furniture styles that create that kind of excitement. That said, I also think having a mix of furniture styles allows a design to stand the test of time a bit longer. Trends will always be trends, and they make their way into just about everyone’s home, but it’s much easier to ride out those trends if the foundation of a room is built on classics.

Describe your experience working with Huston & Company. 
The process of working with Huston & Company is very gratifying. Though they carry a great inventory of furniture, they are always happy to design and produce a new piece, and they are expert craftsman. They intuitively know the right way to steer a design for a successful result.

When do you advise your clients to consider custom pieces for their home? 
There are two big reasons I usually advise a custom piece. The first is a size issue. Maybe the dining room is very narrow, so we need to design a table that is also slightly narrower than standard to get the proportions right. The second is style and uniqueness. Some clients really want a particular style table but are not able to get it in the finish they want, or the particular size they need. Customizing allows them to get exactly what they want and need without sacrificing one for the other.

What are some of your favorite sources for unique, quality items for the home? 
I am a big believer in shopping vintage and antique items. With the number of inexpensive, mass-produced furniture coming to market these days, it’s harder and harder to find really good quality. I think smaller companies like Huston & Company can provide that quality, or you can find it with older furniture as well. Online, I think is great resource.

What is one design project you keep coming back to for inspiration?
One cannot look past Paris. I’ve been lucky enough to go there a couple times, and I always come back so incredibly inspired. The French put tremendous thought into minute details – whether it’s the container that holds the pastries or the simple bistro chairs at a cafe. In my mind, designer Jean Michel Frank’s designs are the epitome of perfection. 

I also admire Ilse Crawford’s design of the Ett Hem hotel in Stockholm too, and would love to someday make a visit there to take in all the great Scandinavian design. It’s “hygge” at its best!

A special thanks to Meghan for her wonderfully thoughtful answers to our design questions! Be sure to keep up with Meghan’s latest work and inspiration by following her on Instagram.

If you are an interior designer and would like more information about working with Huston & Company for your clients’ furniture needs, we’d love to hear from you!

Photos and content by Willard Creative for Huston & Company.