Thomas Memorial Library

We delivered a variety of display bookshelves to the Thomas Memorial Library in Cape Elizabeth in 2018 and just last week, we returned to install single shelves on both ends of the end panels in the Adult Fiction section. Over the next few weeks we’ll begin work on another piece of custom furniture for the library – a large, boat-shaped book display we’ve taken to calling around the workshop “the battleship display.” (For a glimpse at a similar display we built for Lithgow Public Library in August, click here.)

It has been a privilege to work with the team at Thomas Memorial over the last year as they continue to update the space after their sizable renovation was completed in 2015. The pieces we’ve created for this library in the heart of Cape Elizabeth are unique in design and we’re so happy that they are featured prominently in the space.

The brand new shelves on each of the end panels in the Adult Fiction section display the featured books the library is currently promoting.

The striking round display shelves showcase new releases in both the Adult & Teen Fiction sections of the library.

We all enjoyed seeing this set of stepped shelving come to life in the workshop and it’s even better to see it in use, right at the top of the stairs near the library’s entrance.

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Photos and content by Willard Creative for Huston & Company.