Moody Beach Project

Though we’ve shared a bit about our recent Moody Beach project when we launched the Newton Sideboard this fall and once again when the home was featured in the Architecture Issue of Maine Home & Design at the end of 2018, we wanted to take the opportunity to show the complete installation of Huston & Company pieces, including the Newton Sideboard, the Gates Trestle Table, a set of Shovel Chairs, a custom coffee table, and a Rivers Waterfall Table.

One of the first views seen upon entering this beautiful home designed by architect, Caleb Johnson, is the dining area. Anchored by a Gates Trestle Table and eight Shovel Chairs, both made of white oak and finished with our signature Newton stain, the dining room, like the rest of the home, is contemporary in style and decorated in neutrals with pops of color from the art on the walls. Opposite the table is one of the first Newton Sideboards we created, in white oak and topped with our Gates finish.

Custom Newton Sideboard. No brass dovetails. Newton finish.

A set of our mid century-inspired Shovel Chairs around the Gates Trestle Table includes two custom armchairs at either end of the table. The angle in the back of the chair was softened ever so slightly from our standard design, per the client’s request.

We loved seeing this contemporary custom coffee table come to life with the accent of the raw steel base. The top and bottom are made of white oak and finished with our signature Gates stain, just like the Newton Sideboard in the nearby dining area.

Up the stairs and down the hall is one of our Rivers Waterfall Tables, viewable from the stairs below via a glass wall. We’ve long loved the look of our Rivers Tables in deep, rich woods like walnut and cherry, but we fell in love with the look of this table, built of white oak and topped in our Gates finish, instantly.

Please reach out to us with any questions about customizing our Signature Designs or if you’re interested in hearing more about our unique custom offerings. It is always wonderful to see our Signature Designs and custom furniture complement each other in a home like this.

Photos and content by Willard Creative for Huston & Company.