Bill & Saer

The 2018 Vern Burn

We gathered together a group of our extended Huston & Company family – past & present employees and friends of the business – at the end of last week for our annual Vern Burn, a celebration we hold in honor of our late employee, Ethan Verner. 

As we do each year, we spent the warm fall afternoon around a bonfire partaking in some of Ethan’s favorite activities – shooting potato guns, eating Cool Ranch Doritos & pizza, and drinking shots of Jägermeister. 

Ethan was a talented furniture maker, upholsterer, and a dear part of the Huston & Company family. The Vern Burn is an event we look forward to each year and is the best way we know how to honor and celebrate one of our own.

Click here for photos of the 2017 Vern Burn.