A Custom Bed & Newton Extension Table

We recently delivered a custom white oak bed frame and our first ever Newton Extension Table, also in white oak, to a pair of newlyweds in Portland. Before they were loaded on the truck, we made sure to snap some photos of each item in our Biddeford finishing shop, though we are hoping to get some photos of both pieces in their new loft-style home soon. 

The details on the bed frame came together so nicely. We especially loved the brass pins and the quarter-sawn headboard panels, while the larger joints in the frame are also quite striking. 

Given that this was the first Newton Dining Table we’ve constructed as an extension with leaves (both lengths shown below), we were really excited about how the apron detail turned out. Now that we’ve had the opportunity to do so, we are looking forward to making more Newton Extensions! 

Photos by Willard Creative for Huston & Company. Be sure to follow us on Instagram & Facebook for more behind the scenes photos of our process and a glimpse into our Kennebunkport workshop.