Customizing Signature Designs

While custom furniture makes up the majority of our work, we’ve added quite a few items to our timeless collection of Signature Designs over the course of our 30 year tenure designing and building furniture. We love it, however, when our clients take inspiration from our Signature Designs and ask us to create something entirely unique for them, it allows us to build upon our time-tested Signature Designs, while employing our love for creating original, custom work. 

The following are a few examples of some of our favorite ways clients have allowed us to reinvent some of our signature work. 

Our Rivers Waterfall Console Table, pictured above left, is reimagined on the right in a much more minimal, contemporary style. 

We were so happy when our clients asked us to create our newest seating option, the Shovel Chair, with arms. We enjoyed the result so much, we ended up adding the Shovel Arm Chair to our standard collection as well. 

Another interesting update to our standard Shovel Chair design was creating less of an angle in the back of the chair. Side by side, the backs give the chairs two completely different looks that would accent two different aesthetics. 

We’ve designed dozens of iterations of our classic Gates Table since it was introduced in 2013. One custom order even became our signature Gates Trestle Table! Some are simple shape updates (as shown above) or the rounding of edges on our Gates Trestle, while others include more complex changes. Lengths commonly vary, of course, from dining room to dining room, and wood types and stains are updated just as often. 

Our contemporary Studio Tables, pictured above right, were made even more modern by the addition of a glass top. 

Our clients loved the Karu Dining Table, with its raw steel-lined trestles, so much that we made a matching (cherry) bench for their Karu Dining Table. 

If you have any questions about our custom work or signature designs, we’d love to speak with you