Shovel Chair

Our newest seating option, the Shovel Chair, has been quite a popular item in the workshop lately and is a company wide favorite. We finished up an order last week for eight chairs in oak, including two arm chairs, and already have more coming down the pipeline. Saer even chose to make a set for his own dining room earlier this year in a cherry that matches that of his family’s custom table.

Originally designed in collaboration with Gabriel Keith Sutton, the Shovel Chair has a modern, architectural aesthetic with a low-profile design that makes it an easy pair with a vairety of dining tables. We’ve seen it displayed as a part of a simple, Scandinavian-inspired setting (as shown below with an iconic Saarinen table or our custom Scholl Table in ash) or alongside our timelessly elegant Gates Trestle Table

A glimpse of the Shovel Chair as seen on Design Sponge

Our Shovel Arm Chair, shown below in oak with our custom Newton finish. We’re very excited to see these in person at the head of a custom Gates Trestle Table!

A set of Shovel Chairs at Saer’s family’s home in South Portland. 

We find ourselves drawn to the angular simplicity of the Shovel Chair’s design. The faces of the angles catch light differently and interact well with one another. 

A few behind the scenes shots of the Shovel Chair building process in the workshop, for those interested in the woodworking process.

Photos and content by Willard Creative and architectural rendering by Leo Breault