We Would Never

One night, Saer and his wife, Genell, were at home looking through a new issue of Old Port Magazine. They leafed through the style section in which a local couple was dressed in beautiful clothing from local retailers and photographed in a lovely, familiar setting in Portland; presented as models, the couple looked lovely. The article called out all of individual pieces of clothing and accessories, but also discussed the works and successes of the couple themselves. It’s a regular section in Old Port Magazine; one many look forward to reading as the people highlighted are usually known around Maine’s largest city – pretty regular folk who run the local businesses we all frequent.

Saer and Genell admit that as they perused the article at home, they commented on how silly it is to dress people up, prop them in well-known locations, present them like models. They admit they might even have said something like, “Who would even do that? Why would you?” So comfortable with who they are, too humble to stand in front of the world looking regal, they chuckled, closed the magazine and moved on.

Completely by coincidence, the very next day, someone from Maine Media Collective called them. And then this happened…


Our very own Saer and his lovely bride, Genell. Bite your tongue, they are gorgeous.