Custom bed, handcrafted in Kennebunkport, Maine. Huston & Company

Custom Delivery

We recently delivered a custom bed to a client in Northern Massachusetts. You may remember seeing images on our Facebook Page while it was under construction.

Custom bed, handcrafted in Kennebunkport, Maine. Huston & Company

It’s built of solid cherry, with a few walnut details.

Custom designed bed, solid cherry, velvet panels, captains bed, huston

Designed in collaboration with JCJ Interiors, this bed incorporates a mechanism that raises and lowers a flat-screen TV from the floor below the bed. There are removable panels on the sides of the bed to hide the mechanism from sight.

Huston & Company, Kennebunkport Maine, solid wood bed, custom designed

The bed lives with a beautiful ocean view, so the designer wanted to bring some of the ocean palette inside, incorporating vibrant velvet panels into the headboard. These were created for us by Gagnon’s Upholstery. They are nicely padded so our clients can sit up in bed to watch TV comfortably, or to look at that view.

Bill Huston and Saer Huston assemble a custom bed by Huston & Company

The bedroom is large with high ceilings, allowing for some weight and heft in the design of the bed: reminiscent of a captain’s bed.

Bill and Saer Huston deliver a custom cherry bed. Handcrafted in Kennebunkport, Maine.

The headboard was too large to fit through doorways and up the stairs, so Bill and Saer performed a hoist and lift maneuver from the deck below.

Bill Huston of Huston & Company, custom furniture handcrafted in Kennebunkport, Maine

We have worked out the designs for a couple of other pieces for this same client. We’ll keep you posted.