Designing New

We’ve just finalized our marketing plan for 2015.

When we flush out our marketing for the year, we also try to include discussions about new products, what we’ll be showing in the showroom, showroom events and other things that loosely fall into the marketing bucket.

Last week, Saer asked me to give him a short list of items I’d like to have built for the showroom this year, as well as new designs I’d like to see. Sometimes they hear from me that we really need to offer a such-n-such, or that I’ve had a lot of customer requests for a this-n-that lately. These are the kinds of things we focus on during these discussions. What should we be offering that we aren’t? How can we fill out some of our design “lines”? Are there customizations that we’re frequently making to our Signature Designs that should be incorporated into a new offering, or made as a permanent change to an existing design? And so on.

And then there’s this one: if we get a photo shoot organized to get some new lovely photography, which products do we want to photograph?

So here are my 2015 wishlists.

New pieces to build for the showroom:

New designs:

  • A new sideboard/buffet that would work with the Gates Tables.
  • A tall or ¾ height display cabinet or enclosed bookcase for the living area.
  • Karu Table. Finalize this as a Signature Design.
  • A bar cart. Aren’t they all the rage?

And we could use new photography of:

I know Bill and Saer have some lists of their own. We’ll see what we end up with as the year progresses. Keep your eyes peeled.