Ethan and Collin at Huston & Company Kennebunkport custom furniture

Sound Travels

Collin Huston, the youngest of Bill’s three sons, is off on his next big adventure. Having recently accepted a position with Apple Inc., he is currently packing for a move West. He will be working on developments of the IPad.

Collin graduated from the University of New Hampshire and is a rather brilliant engineer. He’s always enjoyed “making things work” and seemingly prefers to make his own stuff, rather than buying the usual.

Case in point. Collin recently visited the workshop for an afternoon, to build his own speakers. Below you’ll see images taken during the process, and then the final result as they sit in Collin’s apartment.

He found a pattern for these speaker cases online. He and Ethan set up the CNC to cut the parts, creating a “flat pack” if you will, of the speaker cases. Here Bill jumped in to work with Collin on the assembly.

In very short order, Collin had two brand new, well crafted, unique speakers.

We all wish Collin the best of luck “out West”. And now, every time you pick up and turn on your IPad, you can think of Collin. Perhaps the next great IPad innovation will have been of his design.

Ethan and Collin at Huston & Company Kennebunkport custom furniture
The CNC at Huston & Company, cutting speaker parts for Collin Huston
Collin Huston, Ethan Verner, Huston & Company custom furniture maine
Speaker Flat Pack - Huston & Company personal project Kennebunkport
Collin Huston assembling spearkers Huston & Company Maine
Bill Huston and son Collin, speaker assembly, Huston & Company
Handcrafted speaker case, Collin Huston, Huston & Company
Bill and Collin Huston assemble speaker cases, personal project, Huston & Company
Handcrafted speaker cases, Collin & Bill Huston, personal project, workshop
Assembled speaker case, glueing and drying, Husotn & Company
Completed speakers, Huston & Company personal project, Kennebunkport, Maine
Collin Huston handcrafted speaker, Huston & Company, furniture
Personal project, Huston & Company handcrafted custom furniture, Maine