Brand new custom dining table by Huston & Company, Kennebunkport, Maine

Photo Ops

One morning this week we met Chris Smith of CA Smith Photography at a lovely home in Kennebunkport to photograph some of our newer pieces: the Arris Sofa and Ottoman and a new table which I believe we will be calling the Gates Trestle Table.

Brand new custom dining table by Huston & Company, Kennebunkport, Maine

Chris’ wife, Cyndi, helped us locate a beautiful local home, the owners of which were willing to let us in, move all of their furniture around, and disrupt their home for a few hours. It was a last minute arrangement and we are very grateful for the opportunity.

Huston & Company and CA Smith photograph shooting fine handmade furniture

AJ Mastrangelo, the graphic designer who creates our print ads and is updating our catalog for us, was on site to help with art direction. It was very important that we walked away with images that are not only beautiful and show the furniture well, but that will also work in many different ad formats, on our website and in our catalog. AJ worked closely with Chris throughout the morning to be sure we were getting the shots we need.

Huston and Company work with gd-cmyk design and CASmith Photography

Because the shoot was organized so quickly and at the last minute, there wasn’t time to explore styling and propping items. We relied completely on the good taste of the homeowners to provide us with rugs, light fixtures and accessories. Fate lent a hand and it happened that everything in this lovely home worked beautifully with our furniture and the aesthetic we were trying to capture in our images. We ordered the flowers even before we’d seen the house, with the help of our friends at Blooms & Heirlooms. Again, with luck, they were perfect.

Huston Gates Table in trestle style, brand new handcrafted dining table

Bill and Saer Huston were on hand and did most of the heavy lifting.

Arris Sofa and Ottoman by Huston and Company, handmade in Maine

You’ll soon see the resulting images popping up on our website, in new ads in several magazines, on our Facebook page and in our updated catalog which will be out sometime next month. (And a reminder that our prices will be updated as well sometime next month)

Handcrafted solid wood furniture by Huston of Kennebunkport Maine, Arris Sofa

Please note, all of the above photos were taken with my own camera, which recently decided not to auto-focus anymore, just as my own eyes have decided to do the same. Chris’ images will be far and away superior. And, because I know some of you will ask, the homeowners told us the gorgeous light fixture in the dining space came from Restoration Hardware.

Be on the lookout for these new images, and more information about this great new table.