It all comes around…

If you’ve been following us recently, you know that we are in the midst of our Celebrating Libraries promotion for our residential clients: for every $1,000 you spend between now and the end of May, we’ll send a $100 gift certificate to the library of your choice. Clients may choose any library: public, private, school, historical, law – you name it.

Clever, eh?

If you follow us, you also know that we do a lot of work for Princeton University and we’re in the middle of building a large number of pieces for the Firestone Library there.

Well, our first client to take advantage of this promotion ordered a custom buffet table. When asked which library they’d like to choose for their promotional gift, we had to chuckle –  Princeton University’s Firestone Library.

It seems our client and her husband are both proud Princeton grads and loved the idea of giving back to their alma mater. They had no idea we build furniture for Princeton, so they were equally surprised. We love that our residential and university clients are intermingled this way.

Small world.

So, what can we build for you? And which library will you choose?