The Huston & Company crew gathers at Flatbreads in Portland, Maine

A Huston Christmas

Just before Christmas, we all gathered at Flatbread in Portland to celebrate the season and a very exciting and successful 2013. I’m sorry we didn’t get pictures of everyone, but as you can see, fun was had by all.

And good food. Lots of good food.

The Huston & Company crew gathers at Flatbreads in Portland, Maine

Josh’s wife and baby giggle with Saer’s wife. Lindsay’s daughter and Ethan’s little man pal around. Josh’s son and Mia share a story and pizza.

The Huston & Company Christmas party, 2013, Portland, Maine

Josh and his family dig into some seriously delicious dessert.

Huston & Company Christmas, handcrafted custom furniture, Maine

Ethan, you should share.

Huston & Company, Kennebunkport Maine, Christmas Party

Bill opens one of his gifts, “What in the world is this?”

Bill Huston, Huston & Company, Kennebunkport, Maine, custom furniture

Well of course, it’s an elephant that walks down a hill. Everyone needs one.

Huston and Company, custom handcrafted furniture, Maine

Kate and her kids feeling very happy after pizza and dessert.

The gang had a great time with lots of laughs. We marvelled at how the average age of our group seemed to be about 12. So many little ones now! What fun at Christmastime.

And here’s to another splendid year to come! 2014!