Working drawing, Huston & Company, handcrafted furniture, Maine

The Back-Story

In April of 1988, a gentleman named Jim Carbone, a resident of NYC at the time, placed an order for a custom TV cabinet and end table with Bill Huston. This was Huston & Company’s very first order. I have had occasion to peruse this order file several times during my nine years at Huston & Company; first during our 20th anniversary year, and quite a few times this year, our 25th anniversary year.

Working drawing, Huston & Company, handcrafted furniture, Maine

I have tried to contact Mr. Carbone, hoping to post a “Meet our Customers” about him, but have been unable to locate him. (If you know him, let him know we’re looking for him, will you?)

This is one of my favorite order files, as far as order files go. I like that the letters to Mr. Carbone are typed, on a typewriter, two copies at a time with a sheet of carbon between. I like that Bill mentions in one letter that he’s still getting his new business set up, and that Bill made arrangements to deliver the order to NYC himself, in person.

But what I like BEST about this order file, is the story that Bill’s son, Justin, wrote on the back of Bill’s costing notes. Two sheets of lined paper (one white, one yellow) with all sorts of materials costs and figuring on one side, and this wonderful story, written in pencil, on the other. Justin was 13 years old. I show it here with Justin’s permission, of course, and a ‘translation’ follows.

Marvin and Michele, a story from Huston & Company, Kennebunkport
Marvin and Michele, Huston & Company, handcrafted furniture

Marvin was a dainty bug with lacy wings and a long tail that flowed in the wind. Marvin the mayfly really isn’t a fly at all. A true fly has two wings, Marvin has 4. Marvin ventured into the wilderness. Marvin looked at a plant. “Gee, I’m hungry,” he said. But alas, Marvin knew like any other mayfly he could not eat, for he had no mouth. Marvin’s wings propelled him up and away into the forest. In a few minutes Marvin had met another kind of his species. It was a girl. Michele was her name. It was love at first sight. They couldn’t kiss but kissing didn’t matter, they loved each other just the same. They flew out of the woods staring at each other with a passionate stare. They stopped quickly. “It’s okay,” said Michele, “you won’t get hurt. Watch.” Michele darted out into the highway. Marvin sensed danger. “Michele, STOP! Not be a frady fly! Watch out! Watch out!” Michele had a second to respond but it was too late. With exuberant force, an eighteen wheeler hit her. She was splatted all over the windshield. “Oh, Michele, why did it have to end like this? You stinker truck, you didn’t even stop. Oh, Michele, I loved you. Boo hoo hoo.”

Marvin flew off weeping. After a while he came to a group of humans having a picnic. Marvin couldn’t bear it anymore. He knew what he had to do. He landed on one of the humans’ head. The human took notice of this and slowly lifted up his arm. “I’m coming Michele, I’m coming!” And with that, the hand came down and killed Marvin. Marvin probably only had a few more hours to live anyway, but his love called to him so he had to go to her in the bug heaven.


Marvin’s life ended quick
because a truck hit his chick.
I don’t have another story I’m going to tell
because I just finished my story about Marvin and Michele.

And there you have it. The story of Marvin and Michele.

We hope you’ll join us this coming weekend at the Fine Furnishings Show in Pawtucket, RI. Both Bill and Saer will be there with some beautiful pieces. We have some complimentary admission tickets, and lots of ½ price tickets. Let us know if you’d like one! We can leave them at the entrance to the show for you.