Winter Sale! (Yes, you heard right.)

Wow, busy days.

The workshop is humming along with six furnituremakers, piles and stacks of carrel walls, a great variety of music throughout the day and some interesting residential pieces.

Our shop schedule for the fall is, believe it or not, full. Hard to believe I’m saying this on the first days of September. We are currently taking orders for the end of December.

While we are excited to be so busy, we know it can be discouraging to place an order for furniture that you won’t see for such a long time. And we know some of you want to give a bit of Huston & Company furniture as a gift for the holidays.

Don’t despair.
We think this will make you feel better…

Huston & Company announces a Sale, custom handbuilt furniture, Kennebunkport, Maine.

Two promotions. You choose which works best for you.

January feels far away now, but it will be here sooner than you think. Place an order for new furniture, we’ll deliver it in January or February, and we’ll pay for the shipping. If your order is a gift, we’d be happy to make up a lovely gift card that you can wrap and present, letting your loved one know what you’ve purchased.

Or, let your loved one make the decision. Purchase up to ten of our $100 gift certificates, and pay only $90 each. We’d be happy to send them to you in a giftbox, and if you like, we’ll include a copy of our catalog.

Just give us a call and let us know which option works best for you.

And while we’re here, talking about the holidays already, here are a few great Huston & Company gift ideas:

Huston Coat Tree
Willard Square Breakfast Table
A stunning Duo Bed
A beautiful custom writing desk

Custom writing desk makes its way out of the Huston & Company workshop into the finishing shop.

Keep your eyes and ears open for some events this fall. We’re working on a couple. Will keep you posted.

[Delivery times in January and February will depend on our shop schedule –  our shop time is scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis]