A personal project at Huston & Company, custom furniture, Kennebunkport, Maine

Personal Projects

Here at Huston & Company, there is always someone working on a personal project in the workshop. They stay late on weekdays, or come in on weekends and build some pretty amazing things. Sometimes these gems are for themselves, and sometimes for lucky gift recipients.  

In the past couple of months, two Huston boys have been working diligently on personal projects.

In late June, Bill and his youngest son, Collin, could be found here on weekend days, working on a new coffee table for Collin’s apartment in New Hampshire. Having ordered “hairpin” legs online, Collin had a plan for the tabletop: solid black walnut, with a 1” stainless steel stripe running through it.

It’s a beauty.

A personal project at Huston & Company, custom furniture, Kennebunkport, Maine
Custom coffee table by Collin and Bill Huston, Huston & Company, Kennebunkport, Maine
Newly built custom coffee table at home in NH. Huston & Company.
At home in NH, Collin Huston's new coffee table. Huston & Company custom furniture.

In July, Bill crafted a gorgeous dining table for his oldest son, Justin, who lives in Canada. It’s made of solid tiger maple (check out the figure on this table!), and measures 36”W x 62”L. It has two leaves that fit at the ends, bringing the total length to 86”.

Also a true beauty. Bill and Mia drove it up to Justin’s in early August. It was well received, as you can imagine.

Custom dining table for Justin Huston, by Bill Huston of Huston and Company
Huston and Company builds a custom dining table as a personal project.
Table leaf for custom dining table at Huston & Company, Kennebunkport, Maine
Table leaf connection for table built by Bill Huston at Huston and Company custom furniture.

Those Huston boys don’t mess around. If you’re going to build it, make it fabulous.

I think I might be up next. I think they are secretly planning to build me something wonderful. Shhh.
(A rustic-cherry Willard Square Table maybe? hint hint…my birthday’s in September.)

And speaking of being busy, just a shout out to let you know that our current lead time is about 17 weeks. If you are thinking about placing an order, please know that we are currently taking orders for early December. Get those holiday ideas to us quickly!