About Our Customers

Meet Andrew Kane…
A Huston & Company customer since 1996

What is your favorite Sunday activity?
Meet the Press, then sculling in my shell. 

Where would you live if you could live anywhere, no strings attached?
Hanalei, Kauai or Marrakech or Tanzania…or maybe Tuscany.

What was the make/model of your first car?
A 1967 BMW 1600

What is your favorite meal?
A Philadelphia cheesesteak (I was a short order cook in West Philly during college)

Name an activity you’d like to try.
Piloting a biplane

Andy Kane in Napa Valley, CA.

Andy and his wife, Diane, found Huston & Company one summer while vacationing in Maine.
“We were vacationing in Goose Rocks Beach, and found a short-cut to Route 1 that we encountered on a rainy day trip to the Trolley Museum with our then 4 ½ year old twins. It took us down Log Cabin Road and we wandered into Huston’s.”

Over the next two years, the Kane’s collection of Huston & Company furniture grew in their home in Colorado: a Kennebunk Bed, two Kennebunk End Tables, and a Davenport Tall Chest. In 1999, Andy ordered 12 of our Classic Clocks to give as gifts to his clients.

Throughout the following fourteen years, the Kane’s used and enjoyed their furniture daily, “Great furniture is beautiful and provides years of enjoyment – it’s a tactile as well as visual experience; plus, it tied us further to our memories of Maine.”

The Kane’s Davenport Tall Chest 

This year, Andy and Diane purchased a home in Maine. For their new home, they ordered a new, custom New Haven Bed which now resides in their bedroom with their Davenport Tall Chest which traveled here from Colorado, now 15 years old.

In their new Maine home, the Kane’s new bed and 15 year old Davenport Tall Chest

Now that Andy and Diane are so nearby, we hope to see them in the showroom often. That is, if they don’t run off to Marrakech.