Josh Rice new furniture builder Huston & Company handbuilt Maine

Joshin’ Around

A huge (and slightly belated) welcome to our newest furniture maker, Josh Rice!

Josh at his workbench, building a Curva End Table 

Josh began work at Huston & Company on a part-time basis in early October. He started working in our shop full-time right after the holidays. When Josh started, we were crazy busy, in the middle of our huge Princeton study carrel project, and Josh had to quite literally “hit the ground running.” Which he did. And with great confidence and skill. 

Josh comes to us from the boat building industry. He began his professional building career in a wooden boat shop when he was 20 years old, and later moved on to yacht building, which he enjoyed very much. Boat building has been his passion, but he says challenging woodworking of any kind keeps him quite happy. We can see that he’s becoming hooked on building furniture. He’s been through our standard initiation of building a full stock of Huston Coat Trees, and he’s still smiling daily. (We keep feeding him pie and cake, just to be sure.)

Josh rice Curva End Table handbuilt furniture Huston & Company Kennebunkport

 Josh adds legs to the complicated, 5-dovetail-jointed Curva Table

Josh grew up in Shin Pond, Maine, near Katahdin. He has two boys: Alden is 8 and Brenden is 6. He and his wife, Coren, are now expecting their third son, due in June. (More reason for cake.)

So, a huge Welcome to Josh!