Walnut Slab Coffee Table

Others build great furniture too…

While we think our furniture is the very best, we do like to see what others in the custom furniture world are up to. And of course, there is a ton of great stuff out there. Fantastic designs, wonderful materials, great ideas, excellent craftsmanship.

I often head to Etsy to find out what’s out there. Today I searched for “reclaimed wood furniture” and here are a few items that caught my eye. (The images are linked, in case you want to investigate further)

Walnut Slab Coffee Table

Acero Steel Base Coffee Table by BrandMojoInteriors
I have a weakness for live-edge tables, and this walnut coffee table grabbed me right away.  

Adirondack Deck Chair

Modern Vintage Reclaimed Wood Deck Chair by betogonzwood
Yes, the Adirondack Chair has been done, but this one, with it’s rich color and modern shape, is a great one.

Coat Rack

Mid Century Inspired Metal and Wood Coatrack by AndrewsReclaimed
Furniture? Oh well. It’s light, clean, practical and super stylish.

Coffee Sack Bench

Coffee Sack Burlap Bench by Atlas Wood Co.
Burlap, with hand stitching…covet.

Railroad Ties Coffee Table

Railroad Ties Coffee Table by Sierra Living Concepts
How simple is this? Really? How perfect.

PacificDrift Bed

PacificDrift Platform Bed by ModernDrift
The texture in this otherwise super-simple design is just wonderful.