Lunch for Trade at Huston & Company

Fair Trade

In today’s world, “buy it cheap, throw it away,” has replaced “a stitch in time saves nine” or “quality over quantity”. We struggle with this. 

As the definition of value wavers, we harken back to a time long before we were here when value was defined by need and price was based on quality. What one could offer in return often determined what one could buy for himself. You need a blanket for your bed? I make blankets. I need a chair for my desk. Oh, you make chairs? Wanna trade? Thank you very much, I’ll take it. 

So when we had a printer here in the office that we didn’t need any more, we had to consider its value when deciding what to do with it.  The printer was less than a year old, used by our bookkeeper who is only here one day a week. So, theoretically, it had been used less than 52 days. 

Printers aren’t that expensive these days, and used, they’re not worth the effort it takes to sell them. Unthinkable to throw it away. Silly to recycle so young. So, instead we looked to trade. 

I posted a quick note on Facebook, on a local group page. I offered the printer for a small monetary price, or in trade for “good food” – lunch or dessert for all 7 of us here at Huston & Company. We do like food. 

Within minutes we had a taker for a trade: a homemade lunch for seven for one great, used printer. We had the details ironed out within an hour: date, time, no allergies, will eat anything. 

This past Wednesday, with all Huston & Company employees in attendance, lunch was delivered to us by a local friend. And what a lunch it was. A HUGE salad with strawberries, blueberries, slices of pear and huge, perfectly grilled slices of steak. Two long, crispy, soft baguettes. Strawberry Rhubarb pie. All the fixins. YUM.

Lunch for Trade at Huston & Company
The spread

We had the pleasure of sitting outside, all together on a warm, sunny, perfect day sharing a great meal and chatting about Olympics, politics, families, food and great trade. You can’t put a price on that.

The gang eating our delicious lunch

We hope the printer is bringing as much satisfaction. Maybe it’s busy at work printing family photos to share for a laugh and a smile.