You’ve Been Served! Congratulations!

On Saturday, June 9th, we spent the day at the Colony Hotel in Kennebunkport tasting scrumptious food, watching others taste scrumptious wine (it’s not good to drink while you work), chatting with old friends and meeting new ones. It was the Grand Tasting; one of many delicious events during the Kennebunkport Festival. 

Prior to the event, we created special serve boards which we gave to many of the food and wine vendors present that day. We also set up a table where visitors to the Grand Tasting could take a shot at designing their own serve boards. The designs were entered into an online voting contest on our Facebook page. Visitors to our Facebook page have been voting for their top choices. The creator of the design that garnered the most votes, was the lucky winner. The prize is fabulous: we will make the custom serve board designed by the winner and send it to them, along with A HUSTON COAT TREE

This past Thursday, at 5pm, the voting was closed.
The votes were tallied. (Facebook makes this very easy)
The winner was determined…

Diane Portman!

…and here is the winning design…


We look forward to creating this fun serve board for Diane and hope she enjoys both the serve board and the coat tree for many, many years to come!