Computer Room, Sacred Heart

Click, Click, Snap, Snap!

We’re excited to show you our new photos of the installation of furniture at Sacred Heart University. This was a good sized project, with great designs and resulted in furniture that looks beautiful in the new library and will last for generations.

Computer Room, Sacred Heart
Reading Carrels, Sacred Heart
Low End Panel with engraved Sacred Heart school seal

We are very lucky to know a wonderful photographer who works with us on many of our installations, taking location photos for us all over the eastern seaboard. Matt Wargo met Bill Huston in Connecticut for this photo shoot at Sacred Heart.

Matt Wargo, on site at Sacred Heart
Matt Wargo, onsite at Sacred Heart

A shoot like this often takes a full day as Matt is very detail oriented and likes to wait for the lighting to be just right. He’s always a pleasure to work with and the photos are always worth the wait.

Reading Room, Sacred Heart University
Group Study Table, Sacred Heart University
Video Display, Sacred Heart University
Study Table end panel, Sacred Heart University

Visit Matt’s site to see examples of his architectural photography.