Getting underway, Revision Energy at Huston & Company

I’ve Got Sunshine on a Cloudy Day

The fine folks from Revision Energy were back in action on the morning of February 15, to install our array of 48 solar panels. This was an exciting day at Huston & Company.

Getting underway, Revision Energy at Huston & Company
Huston & Company Solar Array

We were amazed how quickly the work was done. They arrived at 8am and all 48 panels were fully installed, and the meters turned on by 2pm.

Panel # 18 of 48, Huston & Company
Huston & Company solar array

Not only did the installation move quickly, but also very smoothly. The team from Revision Energy followed a routine that was well practiced and safe.  Working from top to bottom, harnessed for safety, the workers were efficient and neat and cleaned up as they went along.

32 of 48 panels, Huston & Company solar array
Not even quite lunch time - Huston & Company solar array

Throughout the installation process, one person remained on the ground. He unpacked the panels, handed them up to the workers on the roof, picked up and took care of packing materials, and supplied the installers with the necessary tools and supplies as they worked along.

Final row of panels, Huston & Company
Almost finished, Revision Energy at Huston & Company

Once the last panel was in place on the roof, we gathered around the electrical panels in the workshop and Bill and Saer Huston flipped the switches, officially moving Huston & Company further into the world of green efficiency.

The full array of solar panels at Huston & Company Fine Furniture
Bill and Saer Huston turn the switch, activating the solar array

We watched as the meters began to record energy counts from the array, and learned how to read the amount of energy created and saved, and used. The accumulation of wattage was almost instantaneous.

Installation Day was a cloudy day, so the numbers didn’t race skyward immediately, but they still climbed and climbed hour by hour. We’re waiting now for a bright sunny day; waiting to see the true power of the sun.