Mike O'Hehir

Introducing Mike O’Hehir

A wide welcome to the newest addition of talent to our workshop!

Mike O’Hehir

Mike O'Hehir

Mike has been a professional woodworker since he was 17, but has been working in shops most of his life. During his formative years in Richmond, VA, Mike spent considerable time with his grandfather, an avid woodworker with a welcoming shop. He moved to Maine with his family when he was 15, and by 17 was working for Steve Hanson, owner of Hanson Woodturning and The Cape Porpoise Stool Company.

Mike came and went from Steve’s shop for the past few years, doing a lot of traveling, and last winter attended school to learn guitar building in Minnesota. He comes to us now as a full time furniture builder with years of experience, considerable talent and lots of energy.

At his workbench currently he is busy cutting and shaping parts for a large order of dining tables for The New Hampton School in NH, a project that will consume our workshop shortly and for several weeks. Mike began working at Huston & Company on January 6th.