New Roof

Preparing for the Sun

No, it isn’t spring yet here in Maine. But, as the month of January draws to a close, we see our new solar array on the horizon.

As we near the time when Revision Energy comes to install our new solar array, we are finishing the few bits of prep work needed. We are surprised at how little prep work there actually is, but we decided a few things should be done ahead of time.

To begin, we needed to replace a large section of our roof. This section had reached the end of its lifespan and needed replacing, so the installation of the solar array was good impetus to do it right away. The solar array is expected to last up to 40 years, so we want to be sure our roof will have lots of stamina too. Our new roofing was installed by Robert Zuke Builders. They were fast, effiicient and very knowledgable.

New Roof

That work is now done and recently, Revision Energy, our solar people, came and installed our new Inverter.

Solar Inverter

The inverter captures the DC power from the solar panels and inverts it to AC power which is then routed to our electrical box to satisfy our energy demands as we use it. Or, it sends unused power into Central Maine Power’s grid where it is distributed and used by others.

Chris and Tim from Revision Energy

With just that little bit of prep work done, we are ready now for the big installation; 48 panels coming soon. We’ll keep you posted.