Take a Seat

noun Architecture

Arris: an architectural term that describes the sharp edge formed by the intersection of two surfaces, such as the intersection of divergent architectural details.*

The Arris seating series has been with us for two years now. It was designed by Saer at my request for some lounge seating in our catalog, and has been popular with showroom visitors from the first day it was on display. In September, we took two separate orders for Arris pieces.

The Shipyard Brewing Company ordered a Sofa and two Chairs. They have an office space in Portland where they welcome business visitors to the city, and have space for them to sit and get some work done, check emails, and learn a bit more about what they can do while they’re in town.

On the walls there are a couple of large video screens where videos promoting local businesses play on a continuous loop. We are thrilled to be one of these highlighted businesses.

You can see some Huston & Company images in the pictures above the Arris seating. What elegant and comfortable seating for visitors to our great city, Portland!

A couple from Minnesota ordered a loveseat for their home which included some custom inlay on the end panels and beautiful dark, red leather on the cushions. The custom inlay on the sides complements details on the existing furniture in the customer’s home. They also asked us to add the two bolster pillows.  

The loveseat is on its way to the Midwest, traveling through the holiday season. It’s a long journey from Maine to Minnesota and the lucky customers to receive this beauty are waiting at the other end in great anticipation.

We have an Arris sofa here in the showroom. I’m lucky that it’s upstairs and not too close to my desk. As beautiful as it is, I manage not to lounge on it during the workday. But YOU are welcomed to come in and do so anytime!

 *Definition information from Wikipedia and dictionary.com.