Whenever we can, we like to deliver our furniture ourselves. It’s not really practical most of the time, but when an order is going to southern Maine, or New Hampshire, or if it requires installation we prefer to provide that service ourselves. There’s nothing better than face-to-face contact with our customers. And to be there in person when they see their furniture for the first time is well worth the time it takes to leave the workshop and spend a day on the road, or two.

Last week we had that opportunity once again. An order for some home library and office pieces was due at our customer’s home on Long Island, and all pieces required some detailed installation work. Who better to do that than Bill Huston himself, and Saer too? It’s a long drive to Long Island from Kennebunkport. And there’s a ferry ride involved. So this was an overnight expedition.

Below are some photos of the finished furniture. It took a good part of a day to get the furniture in place, fitted and “wired” with lighting and cables for various media components. A few calls were made back to the workshop to confirm details here and there. The furniture was successfully installed and looks beautiful in its new home. Saer and Bill returned tired, but pleased with the overall result.