We offer you a seat at Painters, Players and Poets…

We are very excited to be a part of Painters Players & Poets, now on exhibit at the Portland Public Library.

Painters Players & Poets is a collaborative performance/exhibit of some of Maine’s top creative talents. It features the works of 16 painters, together with the audio works of 9 musicians/composers and 7 poets, all from Maine. Each song, composition or poem was inspired by the painting with which it is coupled. 

The works are exhibited in such a way that the viewer is encouraged to sit, listen and look; to hear the paintings, to see the music, to feel the poetry.

In front of each painting is a chair, or bench, or stool created by one of Maine’s furniture talents. There is a headset and IPod on each seat that the viewer is invited to use to hear the audio while they sit comfortably and take in the selected painting.  

“The inclusion of the handcrafted chairs lies in the effort to create an experience that is both memorable and comfortable at the same time. Viewing the entire exhibit takes approximately one hour and ten minutes, thus, the addition of these finely crafted works of art will not only provide comfort, but will also enhance the entire artistic experience.”

We are thrilled to have been invited to join this cast. Our Element Bench, made of Solid White Ash with Wenge accents will travel with the exhibit through its entirety.

Painters Players and Poets will be at the Portland Public Library until September 30th. It then continues to travel to various galleries in the state of Maine for some time and appears to then be leaving the US for other locations. All of the works, in each format, are pretty unforgettable. We hope you will find some time to visit the exhibit


Additional information is available here at Stop, Look and Listen, an article written by Bob Keyes, Staff Writer for MaineToday.com.

And, find the Painters Players and Poets page on Facebook and Like, Like, Like! We sure did!