The Bulletin Board

Hanging in the hallway between our showroom and our workshop we have a large bulletin board. The IDEA BOARD.  It was created several years ago and is filled with images or sketches of design ideas we’ve stumbled upon here and there. Mostly they are images of furniture designs, but sometimes we are inspired by a creative garden, a piece of architecture, or even a unique drinking glass or wine rack.Every once in a while someone will cut something out, snap a photo, jot down a sketch and pin it to the board. 

Today I was poking around the internet, checking out what’s new in the furniture design scene. My own personal taste falls to the Danish Modern, or pieces with some unique character or a creative use of materials. Here is what I added to the board today.

On Ebay I searched “Hans Wegner” (one of my faves) and found these:

Danish Modern Bench (includes the very cool original ‘leatherette’ cushions!)


Hans Wegner Wishbone Table, a classic.

At Cliff Spencer Furniture Maker, I found these:
Walnut Slab Table. I love the use of the raw edge and curved shape of this tabletop. The simple, metal base is just right with it.

And this Reclaimed Chestnut and Douglas Fir Table. Excellent use of props, too.

Cliff Spencer also has this unique way of dealing with knots in the wood, which I found very creative.

At CustomMade I found a plethora of great design:
From Mars Made, this fabulous Foosball Table. Who doesn’t love a game of Foosball?

Or how about there c1895 Billiards Table. I don’t even play pool, but it sure is lovely, and unexpected.

Design Intervention has this Bermuda Triangle home office on CustomMade. Look carefully, there are so many wonderful elements here. Check out the crooked shelves, and the footrest, and the single light bulb hanging from the ceiling. And it looks like an old fashioned phone booth.

Also at CustomMade, I found this wonderful bench by Bamboo Gems by Culin and Colella. I think it’s a very cool bench, but I have to say I really see it as a creative conference table design.

I also like their Aformosia Nesting Tables.

And for sunny, warm days like today, here in Maine, or anywhere else, I think this Love Chaise from Standard41 is just the ticket.

And so the board is full with new images again. It will be interesting to see what the “guys” here add in the next few weeks.

What have you seen? Please share, we’d love to see.