Fair Trade

When Saer Huston and his bride, Genell, were married last year they enlisted the talents of Meredith Perdue, a photographer who lives near their home in Willard Square. The photographs were beautiful, perfectly capturing the relaxed and joyful character of the day. 

In payment for the wedding photos, Saer, Genell and Meredith worked out a trade agreement: wedding photography for a dining table.  Shortly after the wedding, with some basic instruction from his client, Saer began to design a table for Meredith’s simple yet elegant Willard Square home. 

In his off-hours, Saer built the table at the Huston & Company workshop, modifying and honing the design as needed. The table was built of Cherry, using the boards that we don’t typically use here at Huston & Company – the ones with little knots and sap and heavy, rough grain. Each board was carefully placed as a part of the whole to best present the character of the wood. 

The end result was a table that drew the attention of everyone at Huston & Company, as well as everyone touring the workshop or visiting the showroom. While it stood out in the workshop as a piece you might not expect from Huston & Company, an anomaly, it was still obviously a Huston table; speaking with that simple elegance that says “this is a Huston piece”.

Meredith was so thrilled with her new table that she took a myriad of photos of it in her home and began to show it off. She sent the photos to Saer and he in turn showed them to all of us here at Huston & Company.

As we viewed Meredith’s images of her table we all agreed that this would be a new standard design for us. Because both the owner and the creator live in the Willard Square community, it was easy to give this table a name.

You will find the Willard Square Table among our other residential dining tables on our website. Perhaps this is just the table you’ve been looking for.

This post was written on 6-30-2011.