Queen Me

Every once in a while we get a request for work that isn’t quite what we do, but is so intriguing we are eager to take it on. A podium built of 50,000 year old Cyprus is an example, or a custom stand for a ship’s wheel.

This past month we were asked if we could help out with an antique bed; a bed that has been in the owner’s family for generations, made of ribbon striped mahogany. “It’s a full size bed,” the customer told me over the phone, “and I’d like it to be queen size.”

Full size to queen size, eh? Antique bed, rich endangered wood. Family heirloom. You almost have to think, “Do we want to even touch this project?” But we were intrigued. He sent us some photos and we visited his home to see the bed in person. Bill created a sketch of his plan to retro-fit the bed, the customer was very pleased with the plan and the project was approved. We all took a deep breath and Ethan went to work making cuts in this antique, ribbon striped mahogany family heirloom.  

Here are “before” pictures from the customer. Check out the unique cast iron hardware on the inside of the rails.

And a couple of “during” pictures as the bed is re-assembled in it’s new form.

And finally, the finished product, ready for delivery.

The customer came in with his parents, just before the bed went into our finishing shop, to take a look at the progress. We held our breath again, but needlessly. The bed looks great and the entire family is very pleased. Now they can have their family heirloom and use it too!